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The school building is spacious with all modern amenities and has a seating capacity of about 7500 students working in two shifts. The school has 70 well-ventilated class-rooms with a seating capacity of 50. ( children in each room )
Science Laboratories
Six new laboratories – set up with special focus on safety system and built to accommodate 48 students. Gas, power and other facilities are provided in the laboratories using the best technological know-how.
Computer Laboratories

Equipped with the latest computers to match the best in technology with a software to cater to the needs of the higher Secondary students. The old laboratory has 52 computers and the new laboratory has 60 high speed computers.


Well designed with all modern and technological knowhow – stereo-sound system, projectors and computers. Built to host any mega cultural events on a mammoth scale.


The school has two libraries with provision for 50,000 and more books.  It also holds good stock of CDs. It is well lit and ventilated with seating capacity for over 55 students.

Art & Craft Room

Well designed and spacious to accommodate 50 students at a time.  An area for display also made available.

Music Room

An exclusive music area furnished with all musical instruments.